Drag Expo Exhibitors : Eco Glitter by Three Mamas

October 7, 2021

Getting to know our exhibitors!

Getting to know our exhibitors : Eco Glitter by Three Mamas

About you, why you got into what you are making/doing/selling
My husband and I purchased Three Mamas a couple of years ago. At the time we were mainly selling organic deodorant paste and biodegradable Eco Glitter. We have since expanded the cosmetic side of the business a lot. I have fallen in love with the glitter side of the business as it just always sparkly and happy! I have always been passionate about being as eco friendly as possible so I am very proud to be bringing an alternative to traditional plastic glitter to glitter loving people in Australia.

The glitter is made from a sustainable sourced eucalyptus cellulose and is 92% plastic free. In the natural environment (compost, soil, marine water) the glitter biodegrades into a harmless substance in 28 days.

Everything we sell is plant based and suitable for vegans. The cosmetics are free from toxins, preservatives, aluminium and palm oil.

Who is your favourite all time drag artist and why?
Back in the day I lived in Sydney and used to love seeing drag shows at the Albury Hotel (can’t remember any of the names!). But now my favourite Drag Queen is Ru Paul who has the most beautiful kind face and attitude as well as always making me laugh.

Complete this sentence: A Day without ______________ is not a day worth getting out of___________ for.
A day without my daughters is not worth getting out of bed for.

You can catch Eco Glitter by Three Mama's at Drag Expo!

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Drag Expo Exhibitors : Eco Glitter by Three Mamas
October 7, 2021

Getting to know our exhibitors!

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